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How to wash faux fur

Here are 3 options to wash faux fur.

Guide on how to wash faux fur without damaging it. Can faux fur be machine washed and can you dry clean faux fur?

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How to wash faux fur
Last updated on January 13, 2023, and last reviewed by an expert on September 3, 2021.

Also known as synthetic fur, faux fur is a commonly used vegan and cruelty-free alternative to real fur.

How to wash faux fur

Faux fur materials vary, but they are generally made from synthetic fibers such as acrylic.

It’s essential to treat them with care when trying to keep your faux fur items looking as good as possible.

So can faux fur be washed? Luckily it can, so here are some handy tips for you.

In this article

The best way to wash faux fur material

Many people are wondering if faux fur can be machine washed or if it should be dry cleaned.

We feel like this is your main doubt when it comes to washing faux fur. So, before we give you the best ways to wash a faux fur coat or a faux fur rug, let’s tackle that question.

To cut to the chase, a professional dry cleaner is the safest option. In fact, many faux fur items specify dry cleaning only on their labeling. And even those that don’t will often be much better off going to a professional dry cleaner rather than having you attempt a clean at home.

However, faux fur material can also be washed at home, but with proper care.

So can faux be machine washed? Yes, but that should be your final option as it carries the most risk. Hand washing is much more recommended.

As a summary, here is how your options to wash faux fur rank:

  1. Dry cleaning at a professional
  2. Handwashing
  3. Washing machine

How to wash a faux fur coat at home

As always, the number one thing to remember with all faux fur items is first to check the washing instructions.

Handwashing is probably going to be the most convenient option to wash a faux fur coat or a faux fur gilet. It’s much safer than the washing machine and cheaper than dry cleaning.

Here is how you can go about it:

After cleaning, you will need to dry your coat; see our handy advice below.

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How to clean faux fur blankets, throws, and rugs

Faux fur soft furnishings may be all the rage but can faux fur throws, blankets, and rugs be washed?

The good news is that yes, they are all washable. And the process followed is very much the same as for a faux fur coat.

However, the weight and size of your rug or blanket may mean it cannot be machine washed, as the drum will not be able to turn. Additionally, it may also make it impractical to hand wash.

For these reasons, we feel like dry cleaning will be your best choice, especially if you want to make sure your relatively expensive faux fur rug keeps its softness and doesn’t get hurt in the process.

How to wash faux fur in the washing machine

If dry cleaning or hand washing options are not possible, or if you simply don’t feel like your faux fur hoodie is worth the trouble, here is how to minimize the risk with the washing machine.

First, always read the washing instructions beforehand: Machine washing may not be suitable at all if your faux fur item is too bulky for your machine or attached to other fabrics that are not machine washable.

Then, follow these steps to machine wash your faux fur most safely:

Drying your faux fur material

How to dry faux fur

In a word, carefully. Faux fur is highly susceptible to heat and friction.

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Tumble driers are a definite no when it comes to faux fur. The heat will cause the fibers to shrink, while the friction could cause them to break.

Even hairdryers will have a detrimental effect, causing fibers to shrivel in an unattractive manner.

Do not wring your items; instead, place them on a dry towel and gently roll them to get the moisture out.

Can I steam faux fur?

While some faux fur products suggest that steaming can help remove wrinkles, there is a high level of risk in this process.

Excessive heat can irreparably damage the fibers in your faux fur, causing them to shrink and shrivel.

We, therefore, would suggest steering clear of steaming.

Looking after your faux fur

So it’s important to remember that while you can wash your faux fur, it must be treated very gently.

Once damaged, your faux fur will be almost impossible to repair, causing unnecessary waste.

Avoid heat and friction at all costs, and for the best possible results, leave it to the professionals.

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