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Are Pringles vegan?

Everything you need to know about Pringles.

Are Pringles cruelty-free? This guide provides you with all of these questions and answers about Pringles.

Is it vegan?
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Are Pringles vegan?
Last updated on January 21, 2023, and last reviewed by an expert on September 5, 2021.
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Are Pringles vegan?

Some Pringles are vegan. Many of the flavors available contain animal products, but there is also a good selection that doesn’t, so there are options for you to choose from.

Are Pringles vegan?

Are Pringles certified vegan?

No. Pringles aren’t certified vegan and currently, never will be. While they have a range of vegan flavors available, these are all made in the same factory as the non-vegan Pringles. As there is always a risk of cross-contamination, no matter how strict the factory is, our favorite crisps in a tube won’t receive official vegan certification.

Is not being vegan certified a problem?

This is entirely a personal preference. Some vegans prefer to avoid these big brands and eat only snacks that were designed to be vegan in a deliberate way. As there is always the chance of cross-contamination, this does make sense.

Yet, the ingredients in vegan Pringles contain no animal products, and as this risk of cross-contamination is very small, there are also a lot of vegans who don’t mind this at all. You just have to decide what’s right for you!

If you do decide that you’re ok to get on the Pringles vegan train, then we have a special treat in store for you. Read on!

Which Pringles are vegan?

You’ve been patiently for us to get to the main part. What Pringles are vegan? Read on for the lowdown on every flavor available to buy. The recipes in different countries may vary, so always double-check that label!

Most of the time, the crisps are labeled clearly as suitable for vegans and/or suitable for vegetarians.

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Are original Pringles vegan?

Yes. The original flavor remains the most popular, and once you’ve had a taste, it’s not hard to understand why. Original Pringles have always been vegan, which means there’s at least one staple flavor that we can rely on.

Are cheesy cheese Pringles vegan?

No. As the name might suggest, these Pringles contain milk products that give them that extra cheesy flavor. They are suitable for vegetarians.

Are prawn cocktail Pringles vegan?

No. Sad to say it, but this flavor also contains products derived from milk, so aren’t vegan Pringles. Again, they are suitable for vegetarians.

Are Thai sweet chili Pringles vegan?

Yes. These magnificent curved chips are animal-free, so you can pop and not stop to your stomach content.

Are roast chicken & herbs Pringles vegan?

No. Roast chicken & herbs Pringles aren’t suitable for vegans. In fact, not only do they contain the usual milk products, but they contain chicken fat as well, meaning they’re not for vegetarians either.

Are salt & vinegar Pringles vegan?

No. This is a sad one because I love salt and vinegar flavor on absolutely anything. Milk products are used in these Pringles to enhance their flavor, and so these salt and vinegar crisps aren’t vegan. They are classed as suitable for vegetarians.

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Are cheese & onion Pringles vegan?

No. Not surprising, because of the cheese flavor. Most items with cheese flavoring contain milk, and so, therefore, aren’t vegan. Again, these chips are vegetarian.

Are paprika Pringles vegan?

Yes. Made just with that mouth-watering paprika flavor, it’s hard to get enough of these vegan Pringles.

Are sour cream & onion Pringles vegan?

No. These Pringles contain milk products, so while they are suitable for vegetarians, they’re not vegan.

Are hot & spicy Pringles vegan?

Yes. If you can handle the heat, you can have that burning sensation in your mouth all day long. Containing no animal products, Hot & spicy Pringles are vegan.

Are smokey bacon Pringles vegan?

Yes. We know, it says bacon in the name, so normally this would hint that contains animal products. Not so with smokey bacon Pringles. All of the flavorings come from spices and wood smoke, meaning they’re vegan. Learn more about natural smoke flavor.

Are piri chicken Pringles vegan?

No. Piri chicken Pringles aren’t vegan. They contain milk products. They don’t contain any actual chicken in their flavoring, however, so they are suitable for vegetarians.

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Are flame-grilled steak Pringles vegan?

No. Again, milk products come into play, but the flame-grilled steak Pringles also contains beef, so aren’t even vegetarian.

Are steak Pringles vegan?

No. These Pringles contain milk, so aren’t vegan. This steak flavor is vegetarian, however.

Recap: Are Pringles vegan?

So there you have it. We’ve gone through all of the standard Pringles flavors available. Pringles aren’t certified vegan, but if that doesn’t bother you, then you have five flavors that you can choose from.

Are Pringles cruelty-free?

Yes. Pringles are not tested on animals. Pringles are currently owned by Kellogg’s, which is a cruelty-free company. In 2019 Kellogg’s stopped its decades-long animal testing practices after a petition by PETA. Before this, Kellogg’s began testing as early as 1954, to try and back up some of the health claims they were making about their products.

Luckily, they have now ended all of these tests, and are committed to being cruelty-free in the future. While Kellogg’s do sell their products in China, none of these products are cosmetics, and so are not subject to the mandatory testing that China has for these items.

Are other Pringles products vegan?

Pringles has expanded its range over the years to include several different types of stacked snacks.

Unfortunately, the majority of the flavors available in these other products aren’t vegan, so on the whole, it’s easier to just avoid them and stick to the old faithful.

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Are Pringles cruelty-free and vegan? Yes and no. While their parent company Kellogg’s has made determined steps forward and now no longer tests on animals, Pringles still won’t be vegan certified unless it has a new factory dedicated solely to making vegan crisps.

While we think that’s unlikely to happen, there are five great flavors of Pringles that are suitable to vegans, as well as one in their tortilla range. That’s good news all around.

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